For the Kids

RamaYana Waterpark offers an amazing day for children, who cannot only enjoy the wave pools, relaxation and activity pools, the lazy wavy river ride, exploring secret caves on the island, but they have the choice between 2 dedicated and uniquely designed kid’s areas. These attractions provide all day fun under professional supervision and to highest safety standards.
Warning: kids will not want to leave RamaYana Waterpark!

Aqua Play holds several slides perfectly designed for kids (3-14 years), as well as other fun equipment that will entertain all day long – all properly and carefully supervised by specially trained personnel.

Aqua Splash is a special water spray and splash area for the smaller children. This feature has been exclusively designed for RamaYana waterpark, and the variation of water levels and a very special soft flooring will provide different experiences for all ages.

Gently does It

Guests can experience water slides here for the first time on the gentler options (though still exciting!) in Serpentine, Spiral and River slide rides with their wide, meandering turns before reaching the safety of the splash pool or the lazy wavy river.
The Spiral is the best ride to start with, either in a single or double tube. Most of the slide is closed, and some beams of light will make the journey very special before arriving gently in the landing pool.
The Serpentine is another great option to get used to RamaYana’s slide adventures. Half of the slide is open, half of it is closed, and riders pick up slightly more speed and will thus produce more splashes when ending their journey in the pool on their tubes.
The River slide is another very unique feature of RamaYana waterpark, which does not exist anywhere else: riders make their turns on single or double tubes, before their descent ends in the lazy wavy river, where the journey will be continued with a half hour exploration ride with waves, geysers, waterfalls and bubbles.

The Challenge

Riders pick a mat, choose a lane and challenge their friends in a head down race on The Mat Racer!


Not to be missed is the Boomerango, where a two-people tube is being launched up the almost-vertical wall before gravity drags the riders back into the safety of the landing pool. Screams are guaranteed!

Uniquely Ours

RamaYana offers rides which cannot be found elsewhere. These slides are not only unique, but they offer very special riding experiences. The 2 Aqua-Coasters are amongst the longest rides in the world, and one cannot find anything bigger than Python & Aquaconda – which are not only huge – but also surprise with a very unique way of interaction between 2 slides.

Duelling Aqua-Coasters:
Unique are the two Duelling Aqua-Coasters. Riders in their double tubes go up and down and around on a 230-meter ride, hoisted high by water jets. They can battle with friends in their tube in a race to the end…great fun in one of the longest rides in the world!

Python & Aquaconda:
Up to 4 persons in rafts, which are delivered to the start by a conveyor system, get shaken and bounced around up to 6m high, the adrenaline rush knows no equal! This ride is absolutely unique, and cannot be found anywhere else.

The Ultimate

A very special experience is the ultimate thrill on the Aqualoop and Freefall rides – guests step into the launch capsule, cross arms and legs, hear the heartbeat, the countdown …three…two…one, and sense the floor disappear below them! Intoxicating, daring, heart-thumping…yet, completely safe.

Aqualoop: Like a Formula One driver, riders will experience the pull forces of gravity as they make a 360-degree loop.

Freefall: After the floor disappears, riders will feel the thrills of falling freely – almost like an astronaut – and then produce these mega splashes as they will safely arrive in the shutoff lane.

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Билеты на целый день (THB) Обычная цена Акция до
31 октября
Взрослые (от 122 см и выше) 1,190 990
Дети (от 91 до 121 см) 890 790
Дети (ниже 90 см) бесплатно бесплатно
Семейный билет (2 взрослых + 1 ребенок) 2.790 2.490
Семейный билет (2 взрослых + 2 ребенка) 3.290 2.990
Семейный билет (2 взрослых + 3 ребенка) 3.690 3.390

(Примечание: В случае, когда возникают опасные погодные условия – шквальный ветер, сильный дождь или гроза с молнией, мы временно закрываем наши водные аттракционы. Аттракционы будут открыты вновь, как только погодные условия позволят их безопасное использование. В случае, если аттракционы не откроются до 15:45, то мы вернем Вам входной билет, который будет действителен в течении 30 дней. Стоимость входного билета не возвращается.)

Годовой абонемент
на каждый день (THB)

Обычная цена

Акция до
31 октября
Взрослые (от 122 см и выше) 7.990 6.990
Дети (от 91 до 121 см) 5.990 4.990
Семейный билет (2 взрослых + 1 ребенок) 18.490 17.990
Семейный билет (2 взрослых + 2 ребенка) 19.900 18.900
Семейный билет (2 взрослых + 3 ребенка) 20.990 19.990

(Примечание: билет действителен 1 год со дня покупки и позволяет его владельцу посещать аквапарк неограниченное количество раз в течении срока действия билета. Владельцы билета пользуются всеми преимуществами как члены клуба “RamaYana”, в том числе 5% скидка на все услуги в нашем аквапарке

Беседки (на целый день) *VIP обслуживание (в беседках)
Беседка (2 - 4 человека) 700 Взрослый 300
Беседка (4 - 8 человек) 1.200 Ребенок 200
Беседка (6 - 12 человек) 1.900

*VIP обслуживание: вход в аквапарк через VIP зал, прохладительные напитки, отдельные комнаты для переодевания, отдельные душевые кабины, шкафчики для хранения личных вещей и полотенца, трансфер от VIP зала до CABANA (беседки) и обратно на гольф-каре, айс-бокс с прохладительными напитками; официант, который будет обслуживать только вас.

Шкафчик (целый день)
Шкафчик маленький 120
Шкафчик большой 190
Аренда полотенца (целый день)

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